Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy programs are nurturing, structured programs that are designed to create a safe place for a participant to develop personal and interpersonal skills.  It is important to know that wilderness therapy programs are unlike bootcamps that are designed to get participants to comply with rules and are often harsh and punitive.

Wilderness programs typically offer some combination of expedition plus clinical treatment, including immediate and on-going counseling by the clinical staff.  A high quality wilderness therapy program teaches accountability, self-reliance, increased self awareness, and self acceptance.

Wilderness programs typically range in length from three weeks to two months. The current trend is to use these programs to “jumpstart” the work and use them both for triage; to identify and assess the priorities for future treatment. By removing the teen from crisis, such programs allow for an in-depth, dynamic assessment, and ready adolescents and young adults for the next phase of treatment.