Professional Testimonies 

 “Erkis Consulting Group is my ‘Go To’ group for patients needing more intensive services than I can provide in an out-patient setting. Andy and Paula have worked with me and the families that I refer, and manage to do so with a wealth of information, expertise, and concern for the well-being of the families. I have only heard the most positive feedback from families who have consulted with them.” -- Donna B. Fargason, MD, | Baton Rouge, LA

“I have received universally and extremely positive feedback from many highly stressed families that I have referred to Erkis Consulting. As a behavioral and developmental pediatrician, many of my families seek counsel regarding high-quality residential treatment for their severely impaired children and teens, and I have supreme confidence in Erkis Consulting Group as an excellent, consistent, and comprehensive resource.” -- Mark A. Sloane, DO Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrician | Portage, MI

Additional Professional Testimonies