Parent Testimonials

"Your guidance and support during the very worst of times meant more to us than we can ever thank you enough for. You helped give us the tools to save our child's life, and we will always be in your debt.”—Annie and Barry L.

“What started with our daughter has really helped our family heal. It really is amazing. Having gone through what we have—with your help—has left our family light years closer than we were.” —Sam H.

"We had reached a crisis point and our daily home life had become unmanageable. For years our family had sought assistance from local providers, but the help we needed always seemed to elude us. Andy and Paula listened intensely to our concerns and fears and provided clear direction. Their expertise and guidance have opened new doors of healing to our family. Our son will never be the same - and neither will we." -- Tammy D.

“When our world was falling apart, you helped us keep it together. Your combination of practical advice and sensitivity, born of direct experience, got us focused and kept us on track.” —Larry E.