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Upon hiring us, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with background information on your child and your family as well as provide all relevant testing, evaluations, academic paperwork. You will also be asked to fill out and sign a release of information with all previous treatment providers, school officials, and others knowledgeable about your child and his or her needs.

As we speak with your child’s home treatment providers, we will begin formulating hypotheses about how your child’s needs may be addressed in various treatment programs based on both the professional conversations and your already communicated verbal history and wants and needs. Those hypotheses will be adjusted as we speak with each of the professionals and others knowledgeable about your child. Many families have made the decision to seek out-of-home placement, but don’t know exactly what their child needs. That’s okay. Our role is to help you figure that out. It is impossible to find the best fit for a child unless you have an accurate assessment of his or her needs. So, our first goal is to get a good understanding of what your child’s psychological, psychiatric, drug/alcohol, and educational needs are. Next, we’ll teach you about the landscape of options and different levels of care so that we can partner with you to help you make the best choice for your family.