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While there are plenty of program websites for parents that offer criteria to determine a child’s fit for their services, the truth is, while your child’s current diagnoses and needs are of course a huge piece of the puzzle – it is EQUALLY important to consider what you have already done to offer help to your child.

You should not consider an out-of-home placement for your child until you are certain that you have exhausted all local resources. The families that we work with have typically worked with several mental health professionals including psychiatrists, therapists, psychologist, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, social workers, school officials, and a host of other professionals. In spite of their efforts, their child continues to spiral downward and they are likely to cut themselves off from options that would greatly impair their ability to lead fruitful/productive lives as adults (e.g., “A student” who decides, over time, to stop going to school) or are making decisions that put themselves at immediate risk.

Some families may have been considering out-of-home placement for some time, others may look into out-of-home placement quickly after some precipitating event that makes it clear that their child is headed down the wrong path, or not getting their needs met locally. Typically you will make the decision with your home treatment provider that your child is in need of out-of-home placement.

Be very careful on the internet – the decision of WHEN it is time to look for an out of home placement is very personal; it should be considered when your local treatment team is has exhausted all plans and options. A common mistake that parents make is to start searching on the internet when they are in crisis, very emotional and at risk to make unwise decisions.